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Questions & Answers

I want to purchase a home, what now?

Owning your own home provides several benefits. In addition to the satisfaction of being a homeowner, you can build equity, enjoy tax deductions, say "good bye" to your landlord and take control of your living environment.

If home ownership is your dream, it can become a reality, but not without realistic goals, sound advice, careful planning and a clear understanding of the cost involved. We will help you decide if homeownership is right for you, and whether or not you can afford to buy a home at the present time. We will also give you a good idea of how much home you can get for your money and educate you on what we look for in approving a mortgage loan. Once we have determined your eligibility, we'll build a solution to help you accomplish your dream of homeownership. Learn more on our Buyer's Resources page.

I want to refinance!

It is very important to have a clear objective when refinancing your home. The lower rate can be enticing but does it make sense for you? Should I change my term instead? Are there still home improvement refinances available? These are the questions that we will help answer.

Whether you are refinancing due to a change in rate-term, consolidating consumer credit debt or pulling cash-out for any reason, you should consider how long you plan to stay in your home, how you plan to use your equity, and how a refinance will support your overall financial goals. After you have determined the purpose of your refinance, we'll build a solution that supports your unique goals.

How much can I afford?

Working with your loan consultant to become pre-qualified is the best way to determine how much home you can afford. In general, a factor of 41% of your gross monthly income is used to determine this amount.

What loan do I choose?

Your personal situation will determine the best kind of mortgage for you. By asking yourself a few questions, you can help narrow your search among the many options available and discover which mortgage suits you best.

More information is available on our Loan Programs page.

The Pre-Approval process

Pre-qualification in an informal way to see how much you may be able to borrow. You can be "pre-qualified" over the phone with no paperwork by telling your mortgage consultant your income, your long-term debts, and how large a down payment you can afford.

Without any obligation, this helps you arrive at a ballpark figure of the amount you may have available to spend on a house. A Pre-Approval is an actual conditional loan commitment issued by the lender once your loan application has been reviewed and processed.

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I was referred to Eric by a family member of mine. He has refinanced for myself and members of my family. He is the best! I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. He truly cares & is extremely knowledgable. He is a reputable businessman in our area. I refer all of my friends to him. If he can't do it, then no one can!!!!!"



I have utilized Eric's services for several home purchases and refinances over the past 10 years and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Eric for all home lending needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and helps identify the type and structure of loan that best meet the borrower's short and long term needs. I always trust Eric to have my best interests in mind."



Eric has helped me obtain financing for my last 4 homes. He has worked with me as I have moved across the state. His knowledge and expertise has made my family and I feel comfortable and confident that the job will get done. "We are so happy in our home" Thank you, "



When we worked with Eric we were under a unique situation with trying to get financed since we already had another house. Eric made the process easy and explained everything in detail so there were no surprises at closing. We were able to get financing and close on our new house in a timely manner so we could get fixing up our dream home. It didn't seem to matter the time of day I contacted him, he would get back to me immediately to relieve any stress I may have been having or answer any questions. Using Eric Stevenson was the best choice we every made! "



I would recommend Eric to my family and friends. Just closed deal on our new house and he was always available for questions and concerns. Always kept us in the loop and everything went smoothly."



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