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Michaela's Testimonial

Apr 30, 2019

Is it true what people say, meaningful work is the key to loving your job and reaching success? Working in the mortgage industry has helped me learn and grow as a student. As I’ve been working at US Capital, I’ve begun to notice the benefits of a career that serves a purpose. US Capital has shown me that they do more than just provide mortgages; they provide direction and teaching. What sets US Capital apart from other mortgage companies is that 70% of their clients are referrals. This business not only treats their clients like family, but their employees as well. US Capital takes the time to train their staff and to help them grow in their career.


Running social media for US Capital has been a great learning experience for me. I’ve been given the flexibility needed to perform my job while finishing my degree at Northern Michigan University. I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with an amazing staff and to learn from an amazing teacher. My boss, Eric Stevenson has taught me execution and management of tasks. Together, we created a plan for US Capital’s social media that is continually growing and changing each day. I have learned more about social media through Eric and for that, I am grateful.


I see how it’s true when they say making dreams come true is the heart of the mortgage industry. Even though I am not at a place in my life to purchase a home, US Capital is still making my dreams come true as a student making my way into the career world. This company is allowing me to grow in my career and reach success while learning the benefits of meaningful work. Thank you for making my dreams and your client's dreams come true.


Michaela Zuzula, Marketing Intern